Együtt... 20220821


Tour Detail & Statistics

Start Date:
21 Aug 2022 06:00 (UTC)
End Date:
No end date
Legs Flown In Order:
Completion Award:
Total Legs:
Time to Complete (Average all pilots):
1st To Complete:
HSG144 - Papp-Vid Zoltán
Completed By:
1 pilot(s)

Tour Legs

# Depart Arrive Flight Number Aircraft Completed
1 LIMC HESH HAT4910 Any View
2 HESH LIBD HAT4908 Any View

Tour History

Callsign Name Progress Legs Complete Start Date Last Flown Completion Date Time (days)
HSG144 Papp-Vid Zoltán 100% 2 24 Aug 2022 24 Aug 2022 24 Aug 2022