Our Fleet

The diversity of our virtual pilots clearly reflected in the variety of used aircrafts. Be unique and became a professional pilot one in of the aircraft which we do not use yet! Show us your favorite aircraft and give us hints and tricks or if you would like to know more and learn some airplane what we already fly, than come and ask one of our group member. Let's conquer the skies together.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Airbus A320-200
A320 189 522kts 40,000ft CFM56-5B4 3,070nm 1 more info
Airbus A330-200
A332 260 520kts 41,000ft CF6-80E1A3 6,740nm 1 more info
Antonov An-24
AN24 50 260kts 30,000ft Ivchenko AI-24 350nm 1 more info
B77L 370 550kts 43,000ft GE90-115B 9,450nm 1 more info
Beechcraft C90B
C90B 8 300kts 30,000ft PT6A-21 940nm 1 more info
Boeing B737-300
B733 134 504kts 0ft 2,950nm 1 more info
Boeing B737-600
B736 108 511kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B22 4,500nm 1 more info
Boeing B737-800
B738 188 511kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B27 4,000nm 1 more info
Boeing B747-400
B744 524 530kts 43,000ft CF6-80C2B1F 7,262nm 1 more info
Boeing B747-8i
B748 388 520kts 43,000ft GEnx-2B67 8,000nm 1 more info
Boeing B757-200
B752 186 530kts 41,000ft RB.211-535E4-37 3,900nm 1 more info
Boeing B767-300ER
B763 220 480kts 40,000ft GE CF6-80C2B6F 5,980nm 1 more info
Boeing B777-300ER
B77W 500 550kts 43,000ft Electric GE90-115B 6,015nm 1 more info
Boeing B787-8
B788 242 560kts 43,000ft GEnx-1B70 7,355nm 1 more info
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
Q400 72 360kts 25,000ft PW150A 1,360nm 4 more info
C172 3 0kts 0ft nm 1 more info
Cessna Citation Longitude
C700 12 1kts 45,000ft Honeywell HTF7700L 3,500nm 1 more info
CONC 100 1164kts 60,000ft Rolls-Royce 593 Mk 610 Afterburning turbojets 3,900nm 1 more info
LET L-410
L410 15 210kts 18,000ft Walter M601B 420nm 1 more info
McDonnell Douglas MD11
MD11 320 532kts 43,000ft CF6-80C2D1F 7,140nm 1 more info
Tupolev Tu-154
T154 160 512kts 40,000ft Aviadvigatel D-30KV-154 2,800nm 1 more info